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Fashionable Rosetta - The Dancing Fairy Steel Statue

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With this magnificent dancing fairy statue, you can include the charm of the sky and garden fairies into your indoor and outdoor fairy decor. This is one of the unique fairy collection sculptures from our wide range of collections from fairy gardens of Fairies and Beyond. 

What Makes It so Unique? 

Our artistic steel statue of the twirling fairy merely mimics the garden fairy, Rosetta, a lovely and polite fairy that lived in Pixie Hollow. Rosetta was very elegant and enjoyed trying on fancy outfits and accessories.    

She always tried to appear her best and enjoyed giving her friends makeovers and beauty advice. Thus, Rosetta depicts a person’s ability to stay happy and up-to-date in every situation. Helping others, be it friends or family, is what Rosetta signified. The good deeds of Rosetta are bound to bring a positive aura to your house. 

This dancing fairy sculpture made of stainless steel has an exceptional appearance. When this fairy steel statue is put outside in a garden, it will serve as a remarkable focal point. In addition, the outstanding corrosion and high-temperature resistance of the stainless steel sculptures make them more suited for modern-style decor, including gardens, living rooms, or bedrooms. 

Moreover, this steel sculpture is precisely carved with a well-known Rosetta fairy with long curly hair flying in the air with beautiful wings. The fairy is placed on steel dandelions, a core structure with a rounded ball shape and several slender, spike-like protrusions from which the petals are emerging. Special care is taken to make the whole figure shiny, elegant, and unique for your garden. 

Why Should You Buy This Statue? 

  • It was designed for outdoor and indoor use.
  • It’s high-quality garden fairy decor.
  • It’s the best option for giving a present to your friends or family.
  • Since it’s stainless and water resistant, it can be kept under the sunlight in outdoor areas.
  • It’s easy to install. 

Product Features 

  • It is a 100% waterproof product. Therefore, it can be utilized outside without any problems or hassles.
  • Simple installation: Just push the stack into the soil or ground.
  • It is robust and resilient.
  • The fairy statue is a great gifting option.
  • It creates a positive aura with the thought of being prepared and updated in any situation.
  • The renowned fairy Rosetta influences kids by being highly active and well-mannered all the time with her personality of caring for flowers and plants and her incredible fashion sense. 

Product Specification 

  • Dimensions: Each stake approx. 30cm / 12"
  • Size of the Statue fairy: 22 x 20 cm / 8.7 x 7.9 inches 
  • Diameter of the Flower Head / Dandelion: 15cm / 5.9 inches
  • Material Used: Steel

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