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The Occult Silvermist- The Dancing Fairy Steel Statue

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Our dancing fairy displays fine artistry. It will surely make your backyard or living room more appealing. This fairy statue steel is ideal for adding substantial artwork to your aesthetic fairy garden. Our modern fairy art features stainless steel sculptures because of their flexible production methods and aesthetically beautiful surface treatments.   

What Makes It so Unique? 

The flawless fusion of a fairy and a butterfly is the centerpiece of this magnificent fairy decor. Our dancing fairy statue is a portrait of the well-known water talent fairy Silvermist, who had long and luscious black hair, brown eyes, and a blue and green lily. Silvermist was calm, laid-back, incredibly kind, and enjoyed helping her friends.   

She served as an influencer between Tinker Bell and Iridessa and was always optimistic about life. This fairy influences us to listen to our hearts more often than our heads and help everyone out there who is in need. Hence it adds positivity to our lives.   

With this exquisite dancing fairy decor, you can include the charm of fairies in your indoor and outdoor collections. The vibrant artistry and terrific modern artwork will brighten any corner of the house or yard. This beautiful fairy will make a lasting impression on your loved ones and guests. It will also undoubtedly catch your child's interest and encourage creative thinking. 

Our famous water-talented fairy mist depicts her with beautiful wings and thin wavy hair flowing in the air. She holds the stem of dandelions. While you are enjoying a windy day in your garden, this fairy status will appear to stretch its wings and dance, adding the traits of energy to your life.    

Its windproof, waterproof, and rust-proof composition ensures that it will stand steadfastly in your fairy garden throughout the summer, fall, winter, and spring. With this collection of metal sculptures, you can bring life to your garden and add an aesthetic appeal to any outdoor area.  

Why Buy Our Fairy Statue Steel?

      • It’s an ideal choice for a gift.
      • It’s stainless steel and water-repellent.
      • It’s undoubtedly a great home decor item.
      • It’s a robust and long-lasting product.
      • It has a simple installation process. 

      Product Features

        • Since the product is 100% waterproof; you can use it in outdoor areas without any hassle or worry.
        • It’s simple to install; simply press the stack into the mud or soil.
        • It is solid and versatile.
        • It’s a great gifting option for kids and adults.

          Product Specification 

          • Dimensions: Each stake approx. 30cm / 12"
          • Size of the Statue fairy: 22 x 20 cm / 8.7 x 7.9 inches 
          • Diameter of the Flower Head / Dandelion: 15cm / 5.9 inches
          • Material Used: Steel

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