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Essentially, the ideal fusion of a fairy and dandelion is at the heart of the unique fairy shape dancing with the dandelion. The air blows lifelike like a flying wing through this fairy figurine almost as if the fairy is alive and fluttering. This is a unique piece from our collection of Fairies and Beyond.

What Makes It So Unique?

The indoor and outdoor garden lawn fairy resembles the exquisite dandelion fairies. Dandelion flowers are generally overlooked since they are called weeds. However, this flower is more complex than it first appears. Along with their various uses and advantages, dandelion flowers have a variety of cultural symbolism and meanings that add to their beauty.

Furthermore, the vibrant yellow dandelion blossom represents growth, hope, and recovery. Instead of the sunny flower, its distinctive and easily recognizable seed head has the most value. The seed heads are often removed and blown to make wishes, dispersing the seeds at the same time. As a result, the flower has a strong link with optimism and hope.

Dandelion fairies are known for their optimism, hope, and creativity. They’re always the first fairies to lend a helping hand to someone in need, and they are well-liked by everyone around them. The positive association of dandelion fairies and their association with the flower will bring about a positive ambiance in your house and garden.

A garden sculpture of a dandelion and a fairy from a tale is a lovely addition to any yard or home. Give it to your loved ones and friends for Christmas or a special holiday. It is also a great gift to positively wish students or graduates for their academic future.

This beautiful outdoor statue is composed of metal, which won't corrode in water or the sun and keeps it looking beautiful for a very long time. Therefore, you can feel confident using it outside to decorate your lovely garden.


  •  The garden fairy figurine is easy to install, simply insert the stake into the soil or the ground
  •  It is made of high quality metal material
  • The appearance of this fairy dandelion figurine  is very realistic and it will add charm to your fairy tale garden
  • It is the most interesting decoration and best gift for relatives and friends


  • Material: metal

  • Size: pole approx 23.6 inches,Ball diameter approx 4.3 inches

  • Decoration form: inserting

  • Color/Style: Sliver


What a beautiful combination of all things positive, don’t you think? Order your dandelion figurine fairy now to enhance your home!

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