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Fairy Clothing

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Who among us has never dreamed of fairies and fantasy? Some of these dreams may fade with childhood, but it doesn’t mean the magic disappears. One of the ways we have the power to keep that magic alive is through the way we dress. Fashion is the art that we wear every day, and it is the first representation of ourselves that we give to the world, so make it count!

Fairy fashion clothing comes in many forms and to differing degrees. It doesn’t necessarily mean strolling down the high street wearing wings and covered in glitter, but it can if you want it to! Such is the beauty of fairy clothing. Donning a hoodie with an image of your favorite fantasy character, dressing in fairy-themed colors, dressing in specially designed medieval festival ware, or anything in between is all part of this world.

Whatever type of style you are going for, Fairies and Beyond can help you find it. Not only do we have a selection of t-shirts and dresses available to buy directly from our site, but we can also point you towards some of the best fairy clothing store options out there.

Fairy Clothing

Fairy Women’s Clothing

Anyone can be part of the fairy world, but there is the most choice out there for women. The internet is packed full of diverse and exciting fashions to suit whatever magical fantasy it is that you have. Finding a fairy clothing website is as simple as opening up your PC but let us first point out a few of our favorites.

Fairies and Beyond: Fairy Women’s Clothing

Perfect items for the fashionable and fairy obsessed can be found right here. Our selection of simple t-shirt and dress designs featuring pretty fairy images on the highest-quality cotton is a chic and subtle way to express your love of these little winged creatures.

Choose from three magical t-shirt designs in a variety of colors and sizes. Our women's round-neck T-shirt with the “fly high” image is a popular choice for everyday wear all year round. Another versatile option is the SHOOT FOR THE STARS Unisex T-shirt. The white background and mirrored purple dancing fairies have a springtime feel. The soft jersey material is breathable enough for summer days. It can also be comfortably layered under something cozy as fall draws in.

Speaking of layers, you can find the same pretty purple fairies dancing on the PIXIE DUST OBSESSION cropped cotton hoodie. Why hide away such a great design when you can keep it proudly on display and keep warm at the same time?

Our favorite image is the “Dream a New Dream Fairy.” Elegant and simple, this look works perfectly on a range of clothing items. Choose between the DREAM A NEW DREAM T-shirt dress, the DREAM A NEW DREAM Unisex T-shirt, and the classic one-piece fairy swimsuit, which uses the image as well.

The CHOOSE HAPINESS racerback cotton dress is another firm favorite. You really are choosing happiness when you choose this design and are sure to feel breezy and magical whenever you wear it. The clean-cut and excellent material make this your next go-to everyday outfit. If one is not enough, find the same dress with a different image: the STRIKE THE POSE racerback dress.

Making these fairy garments part of your wardrobe is as easy as clicking “add to bag” under the items you want. You can make your purchases directly on Fairies and Beyond!

Fairy Kei Clothing

Fairy Kei is a Japanese-style clothing store that sells the cutest women's clothing you can find. Pastel colors, quirky cartoon characters, and girly cuts are some of the instantly recognizable features of the brand.

Kit yourself out from head to toe- literally! From fairy-themed sneakers to rainbow wigs, there is nothing Fairy Kei clothing doesn’t offer. Plaid pleated skirts in beautiful pastel shades are one of the highlights. The instantly recognizable style is perfect for a more low-key look. Alternatively, you could go full-blown fairy with baby doll dresses, mermaid-style tutu skirts, and exquisitely made intricate headwear.

It is impossible to wear a piece by Fairy Kei and not feel utterly magical. Great for festivals, parties, or everyday wear for the bold, bright, and beautiful, Fairy Kei is truly a unique brand.

Fairy Season Women’s Clothing

This online clothing store has some really pretty stuff, although not specifically fairy-related. The gradients collection offers beautiful ombre pastel dresses and tops that go perfectly with other fairy accessories. Cute summery tops are also an easy find on this site, perfect for a subtle fairy look at the beach or on a hot afternoon.

In the Fairy Season reviews, clothing is apparently a little different from how it appears in the photos, and sizing may be a little off. Delivery can also take a while because of the location. Where is Fairy Season clothing located? The answer, like so many factory-based online stores, is China. Many people like the products they get but keep in mind that the materials may not be quite the same quality as they appear in the website's pictures.

Fairy Floss Clothing

Australian brand Fairy Floss pushes the boat out with rebellious style and unapologetic drama in every one of its designs. Both men and women can find stunningly crafted outfits for every occasion. Styling yourself with the Fairy Floss Byron Bay tribe allows for unlimited creativity and self-expression.

Perfect fairy festival clothing can be found under the collections area of the site, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Gothic fairies are certain to feel right at home browsing through the edgy garments, not to mention there are two entire sections dedicated to steampunk and gypsy punk!

If you are looking for fairy-style clothing that is suitable for exercise and movement, Fairy Floss also has a dedicated dance and yoga section. Keep your fairy vibes in every part of your life, thanks to the perfectly designed creations.

Additionally, there is an impressively stylish unisex line if you want to maintain an androgynous mystique or broaden your ideas of what fairy clothing is.

Male Fairy Clothing

Fairy clothing is not just for girls, in fact, there are some lines designed exclusively for men. Male fairy clothing can be as subtle or as out there as you like. Whether you are looking for festival wear, a way to express yourself, or you want to find some merch sporting your favorite character, the world of fairy fashion has got you covered.

Fairies and Beyond: Male Fairy Clothing

At Fairies and Beyond, find top-quality cotton T-shirts suitable for every gender. Our favorite is the DREAM A NEW DREAM Unisex T-shirt. The simple yet bold image is an iconic look for fairy fans and can be worn in any situation. Also, check out our SHOOT FOR THE STARS Unisex T-shirt for something with a little color. Simply click “add to bag” under the shirt of your choice.

Hyrule Warriors Fairy Clothing

Find all your favorite characters from the Hyrule Warriors game on excellent quality t-shirts and sweatshirts. Face each day in style and feeling like a warrior yourself, with everyone from the king to the Mipha Sprite to the Egg Guardian. You can find shirts on Redbubble and various other online stores to give your wardrobe a fairy upgrade.

Fairy Tail Clothing

Another great place to find your favorite anime and game characters on clothing is Fairy Tail. What we love about this is site is being able to search through merchandise categorized by what character you want to see. Fairy Tale Lucy Celestial clothing is one of the most popular, and the selection is excellent.

Pick from hundreds of t-shirts and pullovers, all made from top-quality, long-lasting materials, or design your own! Print whoever or whatever you want onto a selection of clothing items or other merch and start your own completely customized wardrobe.

Fairy Floss Clothing

As described above, this Australian brand creates unique festival wear pieces for men and women. The men's line has an interesting mix of styles. Some pieces blend perfectly for a subtle everyday outfit and others are geared towards the bold and unique. If you like to look a bit different and stand out from the norm, you are sure to love this brand.

Fairy Kids Clothing

The magic is never so alive as when we are young. Little minds can run free and embrace their inner fairy as much as they want, whenever they want. To help them do so, here are some of the best ideas for kids’ fairy clothing- both where to buy and how to DIY.

Fairy Girl Closing

Fairy Girl Clothing

There is a nearly endless supply of little girl's fairy clothes. Any costume shop you turn to is sure to offer some packaged, mass-produced dress, but we think it can be more special than that!

One of the best places to find a truly stunning hand-crafted fairy dress for your child is Fuzzy Duck Designs on Etsy. Every design is made with care, precision, and a magical finish. From rainbow tutu dresses to fairy sets and bespoke wearable wings, Fuzzy Duck Designs are sure to have every little girl who wears their creations feeling like she stepped out of a fairytale.

If you are looking for something a bit more playtime friendly, Redbubble has a fantastic range of specially designed kid’s t-shirts. Search under “fairy tale clothing” and find beautiful images designed by independent artists. Picking just one is tough, but there are some good deals for multi-buys.

You are never too young to love fairies, which is why Fairies and Beyond loves this Tinkerbell baby onesie for newborns until one year old. Available in several cute baby colors, it is the perfect first fairy fashion for your very own little bundle of magic.

DIY Rainbow Tutu

Feeling creative? Making your very own hand-crafted tutu for your little fairy is easy and effective- and does not require any sewing!
Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

DIY Rainbow Tutu

  1. Buy your materials. You need-
    • A piece of ribbon roughly one inch wide, long enough to go around your child’s waist and have some leftover
    • Sharp pair of scissors
    • Tulle in whatever color you want (make sure you have enough to cover the full waistband- spools of tulle are usually roughly 25 yards long, so depending on the size of your child and how fluffy you want the tutu to be, you may need four to six of them.)
  2. Take the ribbon measurements. You want your ribbon to be around 40 inches wider than the waist so you can tie a nice big bow at the back.
  3. Take the tulle measurements. Measure from the waistband to however long you want the tutu to be and cut strips at twice the length. If you want the skirt to be 10 inches long, cut 20-inch strips of tulle. This is going to take a while, so have a little patience.
  4. Mark out the waistline on your ribbon. You need to know where to stop with the tulle since the ribbon is far longer than your child's waist. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Fold the ribbon in half
    • Divide the actual waist measurement by two
    • Measure down each side of the ribbon using the divided measurement and tie a knot on each side (for example, the waist measures 20 inches, so you should tie a knot 10 inches down either side of the folded ribbon)
  5. Time to add the tulle. Take two or three pieces of tulle, depending on how thick you want to make the tutu, and secure them to the ribbon. Tie them on with slipknots, a.k.a; fold the pieces in half behind the ribbon, then take the ends around the ribbon and tuck them through the hole. Pull down to tighten and job done.

Repeat the process until you can’t see the ribbon (except the extra length for bow tying) and viola!

Fairy Boy Clothing

Whoever said fairies were only for girls could not have been more wrong. There are no gender rules to who can or cannot be a fairy, and there is no one set look one of these magical creatures can have. If your little boy wants to be part of this magical world, there are plenty of ways for them to do so.

Zazzle has some awesome boy’s t-shirts with fairy tale designs of every kind. Of course, Redbubble is also a go-to for cool fairy-themed t-shirts for both boys and girls.

Baby boys look equally as adorable as girls in the Tinkerbell baby onesie available to add to your cart right here at Fairies and Beyond. We also love the Peter Pan style crocheted baby body costume on Etsy by Kitty Knitting designs.

As you might have guessed, there is not quite as much choice for buying boy fairy costumes. Because of this, creativity is the best course of action. Pinterest is full of incredible DIY costume ideas, from woodland fairy princes to elven warriors to gnome-like garden fairies. The skill level of some people out there never ceases to amaze.

There are some good quality boy's elven costumes available that can be customized a little once you get them home to add a bit more fairy into the mix.

Inspiration is plentiful on Pinterest, so we recommend taking a look to find the perfect idea for boy’s costume ideas to help them feel super cool and magical like a great fairy. Enhance clothing ideas with DIY fairy wings, which can be customized to exactly how your little boy wants them.

There are plenty of methods of making your own fairy wings, with varying degrees of difficulty. At the most basic end, you need a couple of old wire coat hangers, some knee-high socks, duct tape, and elastic. The craftiest amongst us can use intricately bent wires and iridescent plastic wrap to create award-worthy realistic wings. The important thing is to find a guide you are comfortable with and feel confident you can pull off.

There are a lot of DIY blogs from extremely clever mums who talk through each step clearly. Give it a go and make your little boy or girl's dreams come true. We promise it’s worth it!

Fairy Season Clothing

Fairy Spring Clothing

The magic of springtime goes hand in hand with the mystical beauty of fairies, which is why our clothing range suits this time of year perfectly. Both styles of racerback dresses are ideal for layering on a mild spring afternoon. Wear them with tights or legging, or pair them with a cozy oversized cardigan and ankle boots for a perfect spring look.

Easter is a great opportunity to dress your little ones in beautiful fairy fashions. Why not make the most of the day and get some precious photos of your mini fairies? Capture the moments in all their splendor as they search for eggs in the garden, dressed in their favorite fairy outfits.

Spring is also a great time to build a fairy garden; another perfect photo opportunity for you and your children to enjoy the magic together.

Fairy Summer Clothing

Fairies love the beach as much as the next person, so why quit the look when the sun comes out. Re-vamp your summer wardrobe with delicate fairy-like dresses and holiday wear. Etsy has some beautiful bikinis in pastel fairy colors or crocheted to give off a woodland fairy vibe. We love the classic one-piece fairy swimsuit available now right here on Fairies and Beyond for taking your magical self to the pool.

Fairy Summer Clothing

Fairy Fall Clothing

The autumn hues of deep oranges and mossy greens were made for fairy clothing. Whether you dress to match your surroundings or use them to stand out in your bright fairy colors, there is no doubt that those falling leaves bring something magical to the world.

Our DREAM A NEW DREAM Unisex T-shirt in black is perfect for both men and women during the fall season. The gold picture design has a real autumnal feel about it, and the high-quality cotton helps keep and chilly October winds off your back. Also, try out the DREAM A NEW DREAM T-shirt dress for a slightly different look.
Fall is also prime time for fairy festival wear, with the biggest dress-up festival of them all looming towards the end of the season. Halloween is a fairy lover's dream, as it gives you the opportunity to push the boat out. Think jack-o-lantern lit fairy photoshoots and walking through the crunchy fallen leaves with friends or your kids in your matching bespoke wings and tutu skirts.

Fairy Winter Clothing

It goes without saying that there is no time of year more magical than winter. Frosty scenery, falling snow, Christmas markets, and celebrating the turning of the year; everything about the winter season breeds a magical atmosphere.

Of course, for most of us, with that comes the cold weather. Even fairies feel the cold, after all. Moral Fiber and French Style Crochet have some beautiful knitting patterns for fairy jackets for both adults and children. Take up a new hobby to keep you busy during the cold days and create your very own hand-knitted fairy coat.

Fairies and Beyond also loves the "Pixie Dust Obsession" cropped cotton hoodie. Layer it up for extra warmth during the winter months over one of our unisex T’s. Proudly showcase your love for fairies, no matter the weather.

Final Thoughts

Fairies can quickly become part of your lifestyle, and the way we dress is the ultimate representation of our creative spirits. Taking our love of fairies with us everywhere we go is easy with the fairy clothing websites laid out above.

Regardless of age or gender, you can channel your inner magic into day-to-day life however much you want to! From representing your favorite anime or game character to hand-making your own fairy festival wear, there is no limit to what you can do.

Never hold back on being who you want to be, especially in what you wear. At Fairies and Beyond, we believe that artistic representation is essential for a beautiful and interesting world. We love all things fairies and all types of fairy clothing styles. If you do too, then you have come to the right place!

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