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Fairy Home Décor

Fairies hold a different meaning to each of us. To some, they are little winged creatures we remember hearing about in storybooks- or movies for the younger generation. Others jump to images of mischievous woodland pixies or forest-bound warriors. In some cases, fairies are more than mythical creatures from a made-up story; they represent a deeper meaning about life and nature and how the two connect. 

Whatever fairies mean to you, integrating their essence into your everyday life is something that can bring great joy and value. Life begins at home. Fairy home décor is limited only by your imagination and tastes. Those with children may find certain rooms of the house entirely consumed by fairy-themed designs, while others may simply want to add touches of magic and warmth throughout their home.

Fairies and Beyond is here to help inspire you with a few ideas to get you started.

Fairy home décor

Fairy Room Décor

The first step to fairy-fying your home is to break it down into rooms and decide what you want to add to each. How far do you want to take it? What overall aesthetic are you trying to achieve? What rooms do want to focus on the most?

Take the kitchen, for example. It may not be practical to give the entire room a full-blown makeover. However, subtle additions such as Essence of Magic protective placemats or a solar fairy house in the windowsill could work perfectly.

You may also find some fairy décor that could work in various rooms. Although you might not be sure yet where to put it, you know you need to have it! That is definitely the case with the Magical Nights faux suede square pillow and complimentary Fairy Fun faux suede square pillow. We fell in love the second we saw them and could see them fitting perfectly in any room.

Let’s look in more detail at some of the rooms you are most likely to want to decorate with a fairy theme.

Fairy Nursery Décor

A new baby is every bit as magical as a fairy. As such, their nursery should be the most enchanting room in the house. Most nursery furniture is chic and adorable by nature, so it is not hard to create the atmosphere you want.

The best way to make a nursery feel like a fairy wonderland is with soft furnishings in pastel colors with hints of nature woven into the design. Think leaves and forest creatures, pixies, and stars. Modern interior design for baby rooms is moving away from pinks and blues and towards soft greens and yellows, which work perfectly with this type of theme.

Try your hand at mural painting or call in an artist to do it for you. Dedicating one feature wall of the nursery to a pretty artwork, perhaps of trees and woodland fairies, is a perfect way to create a magical atmosphere.

Fairy Children’s Room Décor

If you have a fairy-obsessed little girl or boy, the chances are they want their bedroom kitted out top-to-toe in the theme. Doing so doesn't have to break the bank, especially if you are a bit creative.

The first thing to consider is walking the fine line between a fairy theme and a princess theme, as a lot of decorations can work as both. Fairies are all about nature, so try to stick to a color scheme of pale greens, cream, or warm white, with little hints of bolder color around. Pink should not usually be the primary focus but can work beautifully as an additional accent color.

Keep the décor soft and light. Also, try to incorporate wooden furniture in some places for a hint of a forest vibe. Think about where a garden fairy may hideout and try to emulate it in your design. We love the idea of a teepee tent complete with fairy lights, soft blankets, and all your kid's favorite toys. Add in the Magical Nights pillow or the matching Fairy Fun pillow as additional comfort and fairy imagery.

Wall stickers are a time and budget-friendly alternative to having a mural painted or doing one yourself. Amazon has a great selection, with everything from pretty cherry blossom to enchanted toadstools. Why not add in some glow-in-the-dark pixies and stars, either on the walls or roof? Kids are sure to feel like one of the fairies as they gaze up at the magic surrounding them.

Another great idea for a woodland fairy room is play stools shaped like wooden logs. Kids can use them as a prop when playing with toys, sit on them to draw or eat, and the best thing is, they are secret storage! The stool doubles as a toy basket, which all parents can agree is a massive benefit. There are a few different styles, but our favorite is by Sorbus.

Finally, choose from Fairies and Beyond’s selection of solar-powered fairy houses, which make perfect nightlights. Keep them in the window during the day to soak up the sun, then watch them come to life after it sets.

Fairy Bathroom Décor

The bathroom might not be the most magical room in the house, but it could be. In fact, one could argue that a long soak in a bubble bath surrounded by candles and your favorite fairy décor is one of the most blissful experiences of all.

Swapping out your old towel on the floor for the FAIRY DUST microfiber bathmat or UNICORN BLISS super-soft bathmat is a simple place to start. Not only are they extremely practical due to the ultra-absorbent material, but they also use the same images as our favorite duvet covers- perfect for an en suite! Both bathmat designs are available at Fairies and Beyond to add to your cart now!

Children are sure to love bath time with these fun additions to the routine. You could take it a step further with a unique printed shower curtain or bath towel by Vision Bedding.

Fairy Lights Room Décor

Few things bring the same magical warmth to a room as fairy lights. Whoever said they were only for Christmas needs a little more light in their life! Create a more inviting hallway with a carefully placed string to light the way into your home. Brighten up a dark corner of your living room, or bring an extra touch of joy to your kitchen windowsill; there is really nowhere that can’t benefit from this pretty accessory.

You can find fairy lights in every shape, size, and color imaginable to go with any interior aesthetic. Simple white LED strings are the most versatile and can be woven seamlessly into any space, and they tend to be very affordable. Are you decorating on a budget? You can easily pick up a battery-operated string of LED fairy lights for less than $10.

If you want to really dazzle your guests and amplify the magic around your home, go for an ivy vine. We love the atmosphere these create in a room, especially in a cozy space. The green ivy leaves soften the bright LED lights and bring an ethereal mood to your living space. Keep it subtle with a few flowing vines draped over shelving or pinned on the wall, or go all out with a full canopy. ISSAMOOD on Etsy has a stunning ivy LED canopy that can turn your space into a fairy woodland wonderland.

Fairy Bathroom Decor

Fairy Lights Bedroom Décor

Your bedroom is your own personal fairy palace and should be a magical as you are. Feeling completely at one with this space is essential for a happy mind and peaceful soul. Fairy lights have long since been a popular addition to headboards and wall displays, but we have found some extra special designs to take it to the next level.

Our favorite bedroom fairy light look is the combination of LEDs and polaroid photos. Who doesn’t love to hang pictures of their loved ones and happiest memories on the bedroom wall? We don’t think there is any age where it stops being acceptable. Mason Kreations Etsy is a US-based company that makes high-quality fairy light strings with photo clips between the bulbs. The warm white lights have various settings and look gorgeous in any bedroom.

Fairy Bedroom Décor

Fairy bedroom décor can mean a lot of things! Depending on age, taste, bedroom size, and many other factors, a fairy room can look a thousand different ways. Lots of fairy bedroom aesthetics center around nature or magic, or both. You may want to transform the room into a full-blown fairy den or just add some subtle hints to show your love of the little winged creatures.

Imagination is essential when designing your fairy bedroom. Furniture is the base to start from, but the most influential element is the décor and accessories. First, though, let's talk about what furniture can get you started.

There is no more fairy tale furniture than a four-poster bed. An iconic design, the four-poster can make anyone of any age feel like royalty. To adapt it to the fairy theme, try wrapping the beams with ivy leaves and fairy lights and draping some tulle across the top. Pair it with some beautiful bed sheets and a timber headboard, and you are well on your way to a storybook-worthy boudoir.

Bespoke timber furniture is not cheap, but it is beautiful. If you have a four-poster, you don't need another statement piece, but if not, then consider a hand-crafted wooden vanity.

The Scandinavian style of interior design has been one of the biggest trends of the last decade and shows no signs of disappearing. Thankfully, this style lends itself well to our goal. You can pick up reasonably priced simple furniture in whites and timbers that blend seamlessly into a fairy-style room on a budget.

Moving on to fairy bedroom accessories. Accessories are what turn a room into a retreat. The power of "bits and bobs" should never be underestimated, especially when trying to create a magical atmosphere. We have already talked about fairy bedroom lights, but they are a key feature, so don't forget about them! Avoid overdoing it on the LEDs, or your room could end up feeling more like a fairy rave than a place of slumber.

Layered textures are extremely important for depth and atmosphere. Look for at least two throw blankets or different styles. A plain-colored shag blanket layered with a bohemian woven throw looks stylish and cute. It is not only comfortable but also matches our theme perfectly. Add a few throw pillows in the color scheme of your choice (the Magical Nights pillow goes with everything) to finish the look.

Small figurines on the windowsill or shelves are a nice subtle touch. At Fairies and Beyond, we have several quirky and adorable fairy houses that work just as well inside as they do in a garden.

Plants are also an excellent addition. Fairies are, after all, rooted deeply in nature, so why shouldn’t you add some to your room? Hanging baskets are a pretty way to incorporate some greenery into a bedroom. It works best to find plants with long vines that can trail down from the baskets and create a breezy, ethereal feel.

Some of our top hanging plant picks for a fairy bedroom are:

  • Ceropegia Woodii (String of hearts)
  • Grape ivy
  • Hoya Linearis
  • Senecio Rowleyanus (String of beads)
  • Philodendron
  • Dischidia Nummularia (String of nickels)

Not only are these plants ideal for the way they look (some growing up to two meters in length if you let them), but they are also relatively easy to look after.

Bedding Sets Theme

Wrapping yourself up in your duvet at the end of a long day or curl up and watch movies on a cold afternoon is one of life's greatest yet simplest pleasures. A comfy duvet and fluffy pillow are to the weary soul as fairy dust was to Tinkerbell: essential for recharging the power within to face the day as our best selves.

Choosing a theme for your bedding or your child's bedding is a central part of the overall look and feel of the bedroom, so it is essential to find a set you love.

Bedding Sets Unicorn Theme

The unicorn-obsessed among us are bound to fall in love with the FIND YOUR UNICORN duvet cover available for purchase right here at Fairies and Beyond. Available for a queen-size duvet, the enchanting design is a winner for lovers of all things magical. Using the best materials and with hidden easy-zip closure, this duvet cover is durable and comfortable.

Bedding Sets Fairy Theme

If pretty pastels are the color theme of choice in your boudoir, the FAIRY VIBE duvet cover is the one for you. Depicting fairy silhouettes and intricately detailed butterflies, this queen-size duvet cover is perfect for a fairy-themed room.

Those who prefer the bright and beautiful should opt for the FAIRY WORLD duvet cover, which radiates bold color and fantasy vibes. Reminiscent of a fairy tale storybook cover, this duvet is a piece of art.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Wall Décor

There is more to decorating a room than just fairy lights. Wall décor is where you can really get creative and pull out any DIY skills you have been hiding away. Creating your own unique creation is the ultimate way to express what fairies are to you or to give your child the best fairy room in all the kingdom.

Murals and painted canvases are two of the most popular ways to get started. As always, Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas and walk-through tutorials on how to get the best results. Other options include custom wall stickers or digitally created wallpapers.

If art has never been your strong point and doing it yourself is not so appealing, there are plenty of ready-made decorations. One of our favorites is Little Leo's Ark (check it out on Instagram). These stunning watercolors and hand-crafted fabric wall hangings are irresistible, especially if you have a nursery to decorate.

Many websites can print the image of your choosing across several canvases to make a standout wall feature or pick from a source image already for sale.

Another style of quirky fairy wall décor we love is MissMaraCo on Etsy. The brand specializes in handmade geometric wooden wall hangings of every style, including unicorns, butterflies, woodland creatures, and fairies. Our top pick is the wooden fairy balancing on the moon.

Garden Fairy Décor

Fairy garden décor is a rising trend. Garden fairies are the most magical of all, and people want to bring a touch of it to their own backyards. Garden fairy décor varies in style and, as always, is limited only by imagination.

One of the most popular trends is creating an outdoor fairy garden. These are outdoor displays, usually centered around fairy garden houses, designed to attract passing garden pixies and provided them with a safe place to rest. Fill them with miniature furniture, water displays, animal and fairy figurines, or anything else your mind can dream up. Plant them in an old wheelbarrow, contain them in an oversized plant pot, or build them directly onto your lawn at the bottom of the garden. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to make your own fairy garden and learn more about fairy garden supplies at Fairies and Beyond.

Even if you don’t have the time, space, or inclination to build a whole fairy garden, you can still spruce up your outdoor space with some fairy house garden décor. A simple house with some potted plants around it still works, even in a porch or hanging garden if you don’t have a backyard.

Disney fairy garden décor is eternally popular. Combine your love of fairies with your favorite childhood characters, or make memories with your little ones decorating the garden together with figurines you both love. You can find miniature outdoor Disney decorations on sites including E-bay, Amazon, and Etsy, to name a few.

Woodland creatures are closely associated with fairies, so you can also look toward them as a theme. Our favorite outdoor decoration is the Nights of Wisdom solar-powered Owl Figurine. He looks perfect in whatever space you put him in and lights up after sunset to guide the way for weary traveling fairies.

Outdoor fairy lights are also an ideal way to make your garden magical. Even if you only have a small area, adding some warm LED lighting can make it cozy and very fairy-like. Wooden balcony furniture draped in a woven blanket with the Fairy Fun pillow on top, wrapped in a string of lights suddenly becomes an Instagram-worthy setting. On a porch, balcony, or veranda, this is a winning combination.

If you are lucky enough to have a larger space with an outdoor dining area, the possibilities are endless. Install some vertical wooden beams around the perimeter and string solar-powered fairy lights between them. Wrap the beams in ivy or another vine plant and perhaps some bunting for a fantasy celebration feeling. The reason we suggest solar lighting is firstly for the sake of saving money on electricity. Also, it helps avoid any mishaps with battery packs or electric wiring. Under an awning or on a sheltered balcony, it doesn't matter as much.

Lastly, if you have a covered outdoor space or a decking, you can put down throw blankets and a teepee. Make sure to buy one with a sturdy weighted base to resist against the wind. Of course, children are sure to fall in love with it, but we don't believe a cozy teepee under the stars ever stops being magical, no matter how old you get.

Fairy tutu rainbow dress

Final Thoughts

Our homes represent who we are. Your personality should shine through to anyone who has the privilege of being there, and your mystical side should definitely be present. Whether you are trying to add a little fairy sparkle around your space, redecoration from top to toe, or adding to an already magical aesthetic, let your imagination run free!

Fairies and Beyond is always here with tips, inspiration, and excellent products to add to your collection.

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