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Fairy Jewelry

Unique, beautiful and customized fairy jewelry. Fairy pendant, necklaces, bangles and more.

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Fairies have captivated the attention of many young girls who, despite growing up, have still fostered a place in their hearts for fairies. Often associated with good fortune and luck, Fairy gifts are a symbol of goodwill.

The adornment of fairy jewelry is no new trend. Who does not remember wearing fairy kei jewelry bracelets, fairy tale jewelry charms, or fairy dust jewelry as a child?

Many artists have captured the essence of fairies through their artwork, which is widely available to people around the world today. These fairy artworks are incorporated into jewelry for their aesthetic appeal, and their positive symbolism.

What Is a Fairy?

When you think about fairies, what comes to mind? Most people envision a lovely human-like little figure with butterfly wings. They have been around for a long time, appearing in numerous stories, legends, and myths, mostly from European folklore.

Fairies are frequently connected with plants, flowers, and springtime, and are known as pure beings with magical abilities. They can be either benevolent or mischievous toward humans.

The Symbolism of Jewelry

Jewelry is associated with riches, status, and power. When the proper jewelry is adorned at the right time, it can showcase a woman's personality, and bring out her best qualities. Overdoing it by wearing too much jewelry, on the other hand, might detract from an otherwise flawless ensemble.

Jewelry gives people a physical representation of meaning, ideals, values, and traditions. These symbols can alter the owner's mood while wearing the jewelry. A protective emblem, for example, may make the wearer feel strong and secure. Jewelry symbols can also communicate your feelings to a loved one.

Fairies have gained popularity over the past decade, as people are finding more and more the need to hold on to the possibility that these magical beings exist. They are often associated with good luck and positivity, so adorning yourself with fairy tale jewelry is often said to bring you good vibes.

Customized Fairy jewelry

Why Do People Wear Fairy Jewelry?

Fairy jewelry is as significant to the wearer as it was to the fairies who inspired it, and the jewelry tradition is as old as the fairies themselves. Enchanted tokens and baubles, such as fairy rings and fairy necklaces, were worn around the neck or on the hand to protect the wearer.

It was sometimes presented as a gift from the fairies themselves to fight against bad luck or illness in the recipient, and other times it warded off mischievous or wicked fairies.

Celtic knots were the first jewels that evolved into what we now call fairy jewelry. According to tradition, the knots carved on silver bands and pendants, were given to humans to prevent them from becoming lost in fairy glens and groves.

The fey created the first magical jewelry, and each item has a specific meaning for the recipient. Today, you can wear the memory of the naughty and friendly fairy as lovely earrings, fairy necklaces, fairy bracelets, or pendants.

Fairies and Beyond: Customized Fairy Jewelry

Fairies and Beyond sells fairy houses, fairy rings, jewelry, fairy apparel, and home decor inspired by fairies. You can purchase personalized fairy bracelets and necklaces to bring a touch of magic to your or a loved one's life.

You can bring home the magic of fairies by purchasing a gorgeous bangle like the STRIKE THE POSE - Fairy Bangle that comes in a choice of silver or 18-carat gold. All you need to do to buy this fairy bangle with a personalized pendant is click "Add to Cart”.

With Fairies and Beyond, you can make secure payments without having to worry, and products ship anywhere in the world. The company also gives you a money-back guarantee because it is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Fairy Ring Jewelry

Fairy Ring Jewelry

Fairy jewelry rings, not to be confused with mushroom fairy rings, are a stunning way to wear your fairy token. There are countless designs that you can choose from. Patterns range from sleeping fairies to intricately designed flower gardens that are said to attract fairies themselves.

These rings make great gifts, especially for little children, and can even be used as a wedding ring for those who love fairies and want their wedding ring to symbolize love and marital success. There is also fairy ring jewelry for men that capture Celtic traditions in a bond of infinite love.

The tooth fairy is arguably one of the most popular fairies of all time. She is adored by little children and is said to collect the teeth of little ones in exchange for money. The tooth fairy has brought much joy and hopes to kids over the centuries, and the magic of the tooth fairy continues to inspire children today.

Tooth fairy jewelry is becoming more popular, as parents can make jewelry from their children's first teeth as a keepsake. Tooth fairy rings also keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive. This is because it prompts its wearer to remember the benevolence of the tooth fairy.

Fairy Necklace Jewelry

According to archaeological findings, necklaces may have been one of the first adornments used by early mankind. Because they are fashioned of expensive metals and stones, they are frequently used for religious, ceremonial, burial, or magical purposes.

Necklaces are also worn as symbols of wealth and rank. Nothing has changed in our world today, and fairy tale jewelry is adorned by those who want to keep the magic of fairies alive.

1. Find Your Unicorn Fairy Necklace

Unicorns are another magical being that is loved by many, old and young. They have been described as peaceful, wild woodland creatures that possess magic powers. A unicorn is often depicted as a horse-like creature with a single horn on its head.

These creatures are often associated with rainbows and are adored by little girls around the world. Unicorn toys are among the most popular for young children, and unicorn jewelry is also increasing in popularity.

Unicorns are symbols of purity, freedom, magic, innocence, and gentleness. They are said to get along well with fairies, and when depicted together, are symbols of magic and peace.

Fairies and Beyond have a customizable FIND YOUR UNICORN Fairy Necklace that features a fairy extending her arms toward her unicorn buddy, ready to scatter more fairy dust wherever she goes. The pendant is feminine and has art deco influences that tie this magical piece together.

It is available in silver or 18-carat gold and is the pinnacle of magical elegance. All you need to do to order this customizable necklace is click the "Add to Cart” button, and this gorgeous piece could be yours.

2. Shoot for the Stars Fairy Necklace

Stars have often been associated with fairies. The seven-pointed fairy star is a gateway symbol, according to mythology, symbolizing the meeting of the human and fairy realms. Three aligning points on each side, plus a seventh point where the two universes collide is the energy framework that allows humans and fairies to travel between the two realms.

Fairies and stars are both often associated with magic, and this beautiful pendant necklace depicts two fairies with starry twinkling lights coming from their magic wands. They are also seen amongst butterflies and flowers, protecting, and nurturing them through their magical abilities. Their innocence and playfulness shine forth in this stunning piece.

If you are passionate about nature and fairies, the heart-shaped SHOOT FOR THE STARS - Fairy Necklace is the ideal adornment. Made from only the finest materials, this necklace is available in silver and gold options. To place an order, click on the “Add to Cart” button to give these fairies a home close to your heart.

Fairy Bracelet Jewelry

A bracelet is an ornamental ring or chain that is meant to adorn the wrist. They often include little charms that can be customized according to your preferences. These charms or adornments can be made from various types of metals or stones.

Anime, a Japanese animation style enjoyed by both adults and children alike, has released a much-loved show called Fairy Tail. As a result, many adults and children are in search of Fairy Tail jewelry, and many fairy tail jewelry anime characters appear hanging from bracelets as this jewelry trend grows.

Bangles are rigid bracelets made from sturdy metal. They can be customized with hanging charms, stones fixed in place, or beads. Fairies and Beyond have two gorgeous fairy-inspired bangles that are sure to bring a smile to the face of any fairy enthusiast.

1. Strike the Pose Circle Fairy Bracelet

Fairies are often associated with springtime and summer where they are said to frolic among the daisies, and care for the flora. Have you ever wondered what happens to fairies during the cold months of winter?

These diminutive beings have been said to make little houses in the snow to brave the weather, and there are even legends of snow fairies who care for nature in the coldest months. Snow fairies can withstand the harshest weather conditions to provide the natural beauty seen in snowy areas, and protect the natural environment during winter, according to folklore.

Fairies and Beyond have a STRIKE THE POSE - Circle Fairy Bracelet that is customizable, and available in 18-carat gold or silver, to suit your preferences. The pendant depicts a winter fairy toying with snowflakes as they fall to the ground.

It is the perfect gift for someone who believes in the magic of fairies, and who loves snow fairies, or snowflakes. The fairy silhouette, complete with detailed butterfly wings and intricately fashioned snowflakes makes for a magical adornment for a delicate wrist.

To take this snow fairy bracelet home, simply click on the “Add to Cart” button and follow the instructions.

2. Magical Love – Unique Fairy Bangle by Fairies and Beyond

Nothing captures the allure of fairies better than this fairytale-inspired jewelry bangle. The bangle features a single playful fairy silhouette against a white or gold background. It is simplistic, yet incredibly elegant, and would suit a young girl or adult well.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for a friend, or loved one, this magical bangle may be the ideal thing to symbolize your genuine wishes of love and good fortune. Take this little fairy home to your loved one by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button, and the MAGICAL LOVE - Unique Fairy Bangle could be yours. Personalize it for an added touch.

Fairy Earring Jewelry

Earrings have the power to radically transform your appearance. With their assistance, you can draw attention to your wardrobe, skin tone, or the shape of your face in a positive way. They also make you stand out from the crowd and can help you be more expressive.

What better way to adorn your ears, than with fairytale-inspired jewelry? They add a touch of magic to your appearance, and radiate positivity and elegance. Earrings are often associated with feminism, and women have been known to wear them from early ages.

If you intend to have a Disney-inspired wedding, why not opt for Disney fairy tale wedding jewelry? What better way to say I do, than with the good fortune of fairies hanging from your ears or around your neck?

Fairies such as fairy godmothers and Tinkerbell have filled our childhood with much joy, hope, and wonder, and they continue to influence our lives today. Carry a little magic with you wherever you go by adorning your fairy ears. Jewelry of this nature can boost your mood, by reminding you of the magic that lives inside of you.

In Disney movies like Cinderella, fairy godmothers have been depicted as those who grant wishes, or act as mentors to those who need them most. The fairy godmother character inspires us all to help each other in whichever ways we can and wearing fairy godmother jewelry can serve as a constant reminder of our pledge to help others.

Fairy Stone Cross Jewelry

Fairy stone jewelry is increasing in popularity. Surprisingly enough, fairy stone jewelry has been around for centuries, and has been used as good luck charms and talismans for protection.

These mineral stones, also known as Menilite Opal or Goddess Stones, are rare calcium carbonate and clay minerals. Their disc structure can sometimes develop over small pebbles, and even fossils in some cases.

Often seen in the culture of many tribes and nations, these fairy stones have been given many different titles for centuries. When the Algonquin Tribe of Quebec introduced the term “fairy stones”, it became official and globally recognized.

These mystical minerals can be found in old glacial deposits throughout Canada. They are also found in Greenland, Scandinavia, Morocco, and the British Isles. Commonly off-white or grey, they may also be found in the colors brown, beige, or tan.

If you are looking for a cross necklace or pendant with a magical influence, fairy stone may be your answer.

Gold Fairy Jewelry

Gold fairy paradise jewelry makes excellent gifts for loved ones and is adored by little girls and older women alike. While gold jewelry is often associated with wealth and power, there are incredible health benefits that accompany the use of gold jewelry as well.

  • Gold naturally regulates body temperature, preventing chills or hot flushes.
  • It has healing properties. In ancient times, pure gold was often applied to a wound to treat infections and speed up healing.
  • This precious metal has been known to help soothe the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain.
  • Wearing gold jewelry can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as it is known to boost confidence and overall mood.
  • Many dermatologists believe that gold has healing properties for the skin and can be used to boost skin health. Therefore, it is often added to skin masks and other skincare treatments.
  • It can boost your immunity through its antimicrobial properties.
  • People with endocrine and central nervous system ailments have found some relief through the wearing of gold jewelry.

Fairies and Beyond allow customers to have their fairy jewelry made in 18-carat gold. You can enjoy the magic of fairies, and the benefits of gold jewelry such as the SHOOT FOR THE STARS - Fairy Necklace by clicking “Add to Cart” today.

Sterling Silver Fairy Jewelry

If gold is not for you, you may opt for sterling silver fairy jewelry instead. Silver jewelry is a more affordable option than gold. This does not mean that silver is in any way inferior to gold, but it is a more abundant precious metal, so is more affordable.

As a natural element, silver has many astounding health benefits.

  • Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent that can help fight infection and speed up healing.
  • It can help us identify exposure to toxic substances as silver changes color when it encounters certain toxic substances.
  • Improved blood circulation and body temperature regulation can be attributed to its ability to reflect electromagnetic radiation away from the human body.
  • Like gold, it also helps to ease symptoms of inflammation in those with arthritis and joint pain.

To enjoy the benefits of silver, you can adorn silver fairy jewelry from Fairies and Beyond. An example of a stunning silver piece is the MAGICAL LOVE - Fairy Bangle. Click “Add to Cart” to make it yours now!

The Fairy Jewelry Box

Fairy stone jewelry is increasing in popularity. Surprisingly enough, fairy stone jewelry has been arWhat better way to store your precious fairy jewelry than in a fairy tale jewelry box, or a fairy jewelry stand? When it comes to younger girls, you can choose from a selection of girls’ fairy jewelry boxes that are colorful and encourage little ones to take good care of their adornments.

Who can resist the playfulness of a schylling fairy tale jewelry box, or the fun of a musical fairy jewelry box as an addition to their dressing table décor?

In ancient times, jewelry boxes were more like treasure chests, that served the function of storing precious jewels. As a result, they were often kept under lock and key. Jewelry chests were often seen as a luxury item but grew in popularity as jewelry became available to the common man as early as 5000 BC.

Jewelry boxes make the perfect gift because they are a unique and fun plaything for a little girl. The fairy flower jewelry box is a whimsical way to add a little magic to your little one’s room. If you prefer smaller chests, you can opt for a fairy dust small jewelry box as a great starter kit for your little one.

They are also classic gifts, because they have been used for centuries, and often end up become a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation.

Another reason to give a jewelry box as a gift is that they are practical, and can help you organize your jewelry, and keep them all in one place. They also make ideal wedding gifts for a new bride to store her newly bought jewelry and wedding ring.

Be sure to fill your fairy jewelry box with some of Faires and Beyond’s stunning jewelry, like this customizable STRIKE THE POSE - Fairy Bangle available in gold or silver. Click “Add to Cart” to purchase this magical piece.

Final Thoughts

The allure of fairies has inspired many authors and filmmakers to produce fairytales. In addition, many jewelry makers were inspired by fairies to make fairy jewelry. However, the traditional meaning behind fairy jewelry should not be forgotten, as they are a reminder of the friendly or mischievous little beings who once interacted with humans.

These fairy folks attempted to protect humans from becoming trapped in their worlds by presenting them with gifts that they could wear to prevent bad luck and keep them safe. Today we remember these mythical creatures and their acts of benevolence by wearing fairy jewelry.

There are many kinds of fairy jewelry, including fairy rings, necklaces, bracelets, or bangles, and fairy earrings. These come in a range of natural materials, including gold, silver, and fairy stones.

Fairies and Beyond have magical fairy jewelry, such as the FIND YOUR UNICORN - Fairy Necklace, guaranteed to impress any fairy enthusiast. Click “Add to Cart” to add this necklace to your cart.

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