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PIXIE LEGENDS - Fairy Trading Cards Game

PIXIE LEGENDS: Engaging, screen-free card games fostering creativity and social skills for kids,
and offering quality bonding time for families.
Great for girls playdates, birthday party theme, and after-school activitiy

** MADE IN U.S.A ** Created, printed and shipped from the U.S ✨

Pixie Legends Unveiled: The Enchanting Card Game Realm for Aspiring Fairy Princesses

where fantasy and strategy intertwine to create the ultimate fairy trading card game experience for children. Designed with little princesses in mind, this game transcends the usual gameplay to offer a magical journey through various realms, each brimming with its own unique brand of fairy magic. Let's flutter into the details that make Pixie Legends a must-have in the world of imaginative play.

The Magical Realms of Pixie Legends

Each card in Pixie Legends is a vibrant portal to a distinct fairy world. These realms are color-coded for ease of play, with each hue signaling a different domain's prowess and lore. For example, the Nature realm, marked by lush green, teems with fairies who whisper to the wildlife and rustle through the forest with a harmony that balances the ecosystem.

Harnessing Elements and Energies

In the world of Pixie Legends, your child can command the elemental forces through the cards they play. The purple-coded Spiritual Energy realm introduces fairies that deal with fortune and prosperity, weaving spells that might just bring a stroke of luck to the game table.

Diving into Aquatic Adventures

The blue cards lead players into the depths of watery worlds. Here, fairies with the finesse of dolphins and the wisdom of the ancient selkies guide the tides of play, offering a splash of adventure to every match.

Strength and Valor in Play

Yellow cards bring out the best of the fairy warriors, showcasing their valor, resilience, and the power of love. These cards allow for a show of strength and strategic prowess, perfect for little girls who find wonder in tales of heroic deeds and epic battles.

Mysteries of the Moon and Weather

The gray realm is a domain where the fairies are attuned to the mystical powers of the moon and the whispers of the winds. Controlling weather and conjuring tempests, these cards add a dynamic layer of strategy to the game.

For Whom the Fairy Wings Flutter

Pixie Legends is crafted for kids who dream of fairy tales, for fairy girls who look beyond the screen, and for princess girls who seek a kingdom in card form. It's for the dreamers, the believers, and the young at heart.

How to Play Pixie Legends

The game can unfold in numerous ways, from the strategic War Cards Game to the classic Go Fish style play, known here as Quartets Cards Game. With clear instructions and simple objectives, Pixie Legends is easy to learn yet challenging to master.

Collect, Trade, and Cherish

Beyond the game, Pixie Legends is a collectible journey. Players can start with a starter pack and grow their collection, aiming to complete sets that span across the fairy realms. Trading becomes a social affair, as players barter with their duplicates to help one another become the ultimate fairy collectors.

Engaging the Imagination Beyond the Game

Even when not in play, Pixie Legends cards serve as a creative outlet. Players can craft their own fairy tales, drawing inspiration from the rich lore and intricate illustrations that grace each card.


Pixie Legends isn't just a game; it's a gateway to a fantastical universe where imagination reigns supreme. It's where screen time is swapped for dream time, where every shuffle and trade brings children one step closer to fairy tale bliss.

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