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About Us

Fairies have always been a significant part of my Mother’s life, and when the COVID-19 quarantine period started, the story of this website started to unfold as well.

The website you’re looking at was entirely inspired by my Mother’s love of the fairy world and everything related to it. Her love for everything metaphysical was always present in our lives; once COVID-19 quarantine hit, and my mom could no longer see her beloved granddaughters, she tried to find a way to communicate with them and to relate to their world. My mom started to create the silhouettes of fairies for her granddaughters to enjoy returning to a long lost love of hers, and extending the tradition.

Tiferet Hakak - Fairies and Beyond
Tiferet Hakak

Fairies and Beyond - About Us

After experiencing the joy it brought them all, I decided to put together a website dedicated entirely to fairies. Combining my mom’s art with my e-commerce knowledge allowed this site to come to life.

The main purpose of this website is to provide every visitor with extensive knowledge about fairies, what their origin is, what the legends say, and much more. Additionally, our team has worked hard to provide you with an extensive list of fairy products you can purchase to add magic and joy to your home.

Aside from showing off our love for fairies, we also want to show our work with young artists. There are hundreds of people eager to show their love for the fantasy world, and they use beautiful art to do it. On this website, we’re going to showcase unique and beautiful art collections from these artists so that you can also enjoy their work.

Some of the categories you can expect from this website include the following:
Fairy Garden: Learn the history of fairy gardens, what makes them special, and how you can create one for your home.
Fairy Garden Supplies: No fairy garden is complete without its full supply list. This section gives you more in-depth information about things you can add to your fairy garden to make it more special for you and your family.
Home Décor: Looking to make your indoors more magical with fairy-themed décor? In this category, you’re going to take a look at many décor styles and products you may choose for your home.
Fairy Clothing: Fairy clothing has been in style for many years, and it’s time you learn more about them. You can find fairy apparel with beautiful designs in collaborations with young artists here.
Fairy Jewelry: If you want to show off your love for fairies in a unique way, this page tells you everything about popular fairy jewelry, as well as some products that may interest you.

Finally, we have a blog where we talk about everything related to fairies, including specifics for all of the categories mentioned above. If you want more information about how to get a DIY fairy garden, or you simply want to learn more about these magical creatures, our blog is the right way to go.

I’m looking forward to seeing you here, learning everything about these creatures I’m so passionate about. I hope you have fun browsing this website and enjoy it thoroughly.

Fairies and Beyond Team ♥

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