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Enhance your journey in the magical world of PIXIE LEGENDS with our Booster Pack. Specifically designed to add excitement and variety to your gameplay, this pack is perfect for players looking to broaden their collection and dive deeper into the enchanting realm of fairies. Each Booster Pack contains a carefully curated selection of cards, offering new characters, abilities, and strategies to explore.

 Main Features:

New Characters and Powers: Discover unique fairies and their special abilities to add more depth and strategy to your game.

Expand Your Collection: Perfect for collectors and players alike, aiming to complete their PIXIE LEGENDS set.

Enhanced Gameplay: Introduce new tactics and challenges with additional cards, keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Trade and Share: Swap cards with friends to build the perfect deck or help complete each other's collections.

Quality and Design: Maintaining the high standard of PIXIE LEGENDS, each card in the Booster Pack features beautiful artwork and engaging design.


Contents: Each Booster Pack includes 8 cards, enriching your PIXIE LEGENDS experience.

Compatibility: Fully compatible with the Standard and Premium Packs, seamlessly integrating into your existing game.

Diverse Selection: Cards feature a mix of fairy types and elements, ensuring a varied and balanced addition to your game.

Who This Game Is For:

The PIXIE LEGENDS Booster Pack is ideal for: 

Existing PIXIE LEGENDS players looking to enhance their gameplay experience.

Collectors seeking to expand their fairy card collection.

Friends and family who enjoy trading and strategizing together.

Anyone who loves the creativity and strategy of building their unique deck.

Perfect for Various Occasions:

Game Night Enhancements: Add an element of surprise and new strategies to your next game night.

Playdate Fun: A great way to make playdates even more exciting, encouraging trading and social interaction.

Gift Additions: A thoughtful extra for someone who already enjoys PIXIE LEGENDS, giving them new ways to enjoy the game.

Collectors' Meet-ups: Ideal for trading with other collectors, helping each other to find those elusive cards to complete your collections.

PIXIE LEGENDS emerges as a captivating fairy trading card game for girls, offering an enchanting alternative to boys' favorites like Pokémon and football cards. Perfectly tailored for girls who long for their own trading cards, PIXIE LEGENDS provides a unique and magical card-playing adventure. It allows little girls to collect and trade beautifully designed fairy cards, paralleling the fun and excitement that boys find in their card collections. This game opens up a world where girls can equally enjoy the thrill of building and trading their own card sets.

 Dive deeper into the world of fairy tales with the PIXIE LEGENDS Booster Pack – an essential addition for anyone looking to enrich their PIXIE LEGENDS experience. Get your pack today and let the adventure grow!


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