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Gothic Fairies

Gothic Fairies

Gothic fairy tales share the history of the fairies that are not light and bright, but are dark and often anguished. These are the fairies that do not represent youth and innocence but rather represent the loss and darker areas of life. Many people connect with them in a way they can’t with other fairies, and find understanding and acceptance with a gothic fairy.

Where to Find Gothic Fairies

These fairies are found in many places, they are displayed on tattoos and other pieces of art, created as statues and models to place around homes, and in the original fairy tales that many other fairies are also rooted in. Though updated versions of fairy tales have happy endings to present their life lessons, this was not always the case. The traditional versions of most fairy tales show the loss of innocence and life lessons that are presented in a harder manner, and they didn’t end with a happy solution. Many of the gothic fairies that are found decorating the world or interacting in the stories and art are those that have been through the scary encounters and the hard lessons, but managed to escape it with their beauty and hope for the future intact.

Grims Fairy Tales

Grims Fairy Tales are often gothic tales, and they always have a lesson on how to live a happy life and avoid the pitfalls that surround people. With tales such as red riding hood that encourages the avoidance of the “wolves” in the world that will take advantage of others, or the little mermaid who ultimately learned that love is about making the person you love happy even if that means sacrifices for yourself, each is a lesson in making choices and priorities.

They have walked straight out of the fairy tales and onto the shelves, walls, and clothing of people who enjoy them. Offering an alternative form of fairy for those who are unable to connect to the innocent, light and brightly coloured fairies that are common, they are found in many different pictures and positions. These works of art are in many homes and as tattoos for people who connect with them and feel understood by others who also enjoy them. Often sourced in new age stores, pop culture stores, and even in home goods, they are prevalent where fairies and others are found.

About the Gothic Fairy Tales

No gothic fairy comes from a happy background with only positive experiences, but they are rooted in stories that show the darker side of life and the pitfalls of being blinded by wealth or charm, or become distracted by short cuts and easy ways rather than taking the longer path. They evolve from these histories and observations to become a fairy who has lost the innocent point of view and sees the world in a different light, both good and bad, and seek the balance in it.

Other Fairies

In comparison to a gothic fairy the others are quite different. Rainbow fairies are bright and light, they stay in the daylight and can even sparkle in the sun, while water fairies reflect upon the surface of the water and add dimension and hope to the area, while flower fairies encourage the spring blooms and bring joy to the plants and gardens around them. They can appear very different when next to a gothic fairy, but their basic structure and traits are very similar.

Several fairy types can be found together, with no judgement between them, and each complete their jobs or tasks. Any other fairy type can also be a gothic fairy, they are also attracted to the elements and represent earth, fire, water, and air, in their own ways. They find friendship in their similarities and connect through the different ways they learned the same things.

Gothic Fairy

The only real differences in the appearances of the fairies are the colours they wear and the way they dress themselves. Gothic fairies most often have darker hair and clothing, with great attention to detail and their wings often have black on them. Other fairies also dress to suit their style with flower fairies wearing flower crowns and flowing dresses, rainbow fairies enjoying bright colours and often include several colours within their skirts or tops, and water fairies finding comfort in flowing clothing and water themes.

The Magic of Fairies

All fairies have their own form of magic. It is how they fly, how they communicate, and how they interact with the world around them. Each type of fairy, forest, rainbow, flower, and water, all have their own magic that lets them alter that element or portion of the world. As they make changes to these parts of the environment, they can protect their homes and encourage garden growth and cover for where they live.

Fairy magic is old magic, and it is widely accepted that they are magical, and that their magic relates to the element or part of the world that they are most connected too. Gothic fairies also have the same magic that all fairies have, and they differ only in the way in which they use it.

The other form of magic that surrounds fairies is how they affect those who enjoy them most. They add joy, hope, and whimsey to the world, no matter the type of fairy they are. Using fairy tales and folklore to share life lessons in many different cultures they affect many lives and are a part of many childhood experiences. Small fairy homes dotted around the paths and homes that people walk past can remind them of the good that surrounds them and that even the most serious people can also enjoy the smaller things in life.

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