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The Magical Rainbow Fairies

The Magical Rainbow Fairies

Across the globe, people from different religious backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity believe in magic and supernatural beings. The most popular among these magical creatures and fairies and elves. There are countless stories and folklore revolving around the powers and attributes of fairies. Some are believed to be kind, while some are considered evil by the people. Over the years, the belief in mythical and supernatural creatures has evolved. Most of the tales about the extraordinary have been spun around by book authors, and movie makers.

The interest and fascination of people in magical creatures has grown exponentially with time. Every person wants to believe that there is more to the world and their surroundings than what meets the eye. The appeal of enchanted beings is the motivation for authors to write about them. As the fairies are probably the most famous and well-known mythical creatures, many books have been published centered around the phenomena of magic and fairies. One of such books is Rainbow Magic. This book tells the stories of seven fairies, each named after a color of the rainbow. The book by Daisy Meadows is very popular among children of all ages. The Rainbow Magic is a book series that introduces the children to Rainbow fairies, Weather fairies, Jewel fairies, Party fairies and many more.

The Storyline

The book Rainbow Fairies is the first in the series and it represents the different colors of the rainbow. These colorful fairies are responsible for safeguarding all the colors of Fairyland. Each fairy has a unique personality that shines through in the pages of the book.

The story begins when Rachel and Kristy meet each other on their spring break to Rainspell Island. As they were exploring the island, the encountered Ruby the Red Fairy, imprisoned under a black pot. Ruby tells the two girls about Jack Frost who had devoured the colors of Fairyland and that her sisters were lost in different parts of the island. The girls’ mission is to find all the fairies and return them to safety. Once reunited, the rainbow fairies would fly to their home and restore the colors of Fairyland.

Let’s have a look at each of the Rainbow Fairies and what makes them special.

Ruby the Red Fairy

Trapped under the pot when Kristy and Rachel discovered her, Ruby was the first Rainbow fairy to be discovered. Her appearance adds beauty to her personality. With long blonde hair tied up with roses, wears a rose necklace, and a crimson dress with red slippers and delicate ribbons wrapped around her legs. When she waves her wand, red flowers shower from it.

Amber the Orange Fairy

This pretty little fairy was found trapped under a creamy orange scallop shell. Her feisty appearance sets her apart from the other fairies. With flame-colored hair that it tied up with peach blossoms, she wears an orange cat suit with long boots. He wand emanated orange bubbles when used.

Saffron the Yellow Fairy

This cheery fairy is also called Sunny the Yellow Fairy. She was found trapped in Mrs. Merry’s beehives. She wears a yellow t-shirt with a butterfly patch, and matching yellow shorts with another butterfly at the bottom. Yellow trainers and short blonde hair give the Yellow Fairy a characteristic appearance. When she waves her want, you can see a shower of beautiful yellow butterflies.

Fern the Green Fairy

The Green Fairy has a distinct personality and appearance. She wears her brown hair tied into two cute pigtails with a bright green top paired with stretchy green trousers. She has leaf shapes tied across the neckline of her dress and waist and wears brown boots. She was found trapped in an alcove in a nut tree that had frozen over. When she waves her wand, bright green leaves fly out with magic.

Sky the Blue Fairy

Stuck in a bubble in a rock-pool, The Blue Fairy was found in a deadly pool that had been frozen over by Jack Frost’s goblins. With blue stars emanating from her wand, Sky is as pretty as a picture! She has short, and curly blonde hair and she is seen wearing a short, sparkly blue dress and knee-high matching boots. Both her headband and earrings are made up of tiny blue stars.

Izzy the Indigo Fairy

Izzy is also known as Inky The Indigo Fairy because of her resemblance with the color of ink. She was found in the Mermaid Cottage, trapped inside a copy of ‘The Big Book Of Fairy Tales.’ Izzy’s wand emanates indigo colored ink drops and she wears similar colored jeans and a jacket covered with spangles. She looks prim and proper with her neatly coiffed blue-back hair.

Heather the Violet Fairy

Heather has shoulder-length blonde hair with a cute blossom in it. She sports a pretty violet dress with matching slippers and stockings while violet blossoms emanate from her magical wand. She adorns herself with a violet pearl necklace and bracelets. The Violet Fairy was found trapped in Tom Goodfellow’s Merry-go-round.

Why Do Kids Love Fairy Tales and Magic?

Fairy tales are a popular genre among children but what makes them so special? Tales about magical people and creatures transport children into another realm that is far away from their reality. They can experience the feelings of the characters in those stories, whether it is fear, happiness or excitement. Most fairy tales include magical beings like fairies, elves, witches, and trolls and each story teaches a lesson.

Fairy tales feature universal themes of good vs evil and teach moral values like kindness, loyalty, friendship and honesty. The stories are captivating and relatable which is why people like to hear them again and again. Fairy tales open a world of endless possibilities to children leading them to believe that anything can happen and makes them hopeful towards life. This appeals to their creative mind resulting in unique creations of their own. They learn to use their imagination and think outside the box.

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