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3D Flower Fairy Wall Art – Perfect Décor for Your Home

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When we think of fairies, we are transported back to when we were children and all the fairy tales we heard.

Fairies are naturally linked to joyful childhood experiences because of the way we are wired. These mythological beings gave us hope that our lives would be lovely and magical when we were kids. Hence, this is the perfect décor to display in a child’s room, and Fairies and Beyond offers the best fairy wall art.

What Makes it So Unique?

Exclusively designed for Fairies and Beyond fans and customers:
These wall art fairy figurines represent the beautiful fairy, Mariposa. She was known to have mercury-red hair, honey-sweet lips, and a joyous personality. Mariposa was always seen as the optimistic fairy who believed in the good of all her friends and neighbors. She was always willing to lend a helping hand and give some free words of advice to those in need.

Adding these fairy pieces to your children’s rooms would be the perfect way to teach them about positivity and helping others. They could be a constant reminder for your children to be brave and positive every morning.

Add this décor to your kitchen, bedroom, or living room for a perfect balance of magic in your home. These ornaments can be stuck or hung onto your wall with small nails or double-sided tape as the product isn’t heavy.

Your home can have a unique aesthetic thanks to the lovely designs of our fairy wall art. This fairy wall art is the ideal solution for you if you want to enhance the lovely ambiance in your home.

It’s also a good idea to have fairy décor in your home as some fairies can be metaphors for learning, understanding, and developing original ideas.

Why Should You Buy Fairy Wall Art?

  • It has a unique style that will never go out of fashion
  • It can fill your home with glamour and positivity
  • It has the perfect accent for a bedroom, living room, and kitchen
  • It’s made of durable and high-quality material
  • There are various sizes available


- Made locally by local makers to minimize the carbon emission of shipping.
- Made specifically for you after the purchase reducing manufacturing waste.
- Made from bioplastic that is carbon-neutral and friendly to the environment.


  • The superb craftsmanship of this wall art will make sure that it will never go out of style
  • This fairy wall art can fill your home with an understated glamour
  • It is the perfect option to make an impression in the dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, foyer, entryway, and hallway
  • This flower fairy wall art is made of high-quality material


Material: Bioplastic 
  • Small 15cm*15cm or 5.9"*5.9" inches
  • Medium 25cm*25cm or 9.8"*9.8" inches

Hanging on the wall:

Can be hung on the wall with small nails (using the little holes in the product) or double-sided tape could be used since the product is pretty light.


These fairy wall décor pieces may be just the thing that’s missing in your house. They are easy to install and may only need a nail or two to be put up. What are you waiting for? Add a bit of glamour and magic to your house!

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