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Embark on a magical journey with PIXIE LEGENDS, the enchanting fairy trading card game that captivates the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike. Perfect for fans of fantasy and strategic gameplay, PIXIE LEGENDS offers an immersive experience that combines the charm of fairy tales with the excitement of card duels. With beautiful illustrations and engaging gameplay, it's more than just a game – it's an adventure into a world of wonder. 

Main Features:

Rich Storytelling: Delve into the mystical fairy realms and bring to life enchanting tales with each card.

Strategic Gameplay: Engage in thoughtful, strategic play that challenges and entertains.

Stunning Artwork: Enjoy beautifully designed cards featuring intricate, captivating fairy illustrations.

Versatile Play Options: Ideal for competitive play, cooperative storytelling, or as a collectible item.

Educational Benefits: Encourages strategic thinking, reading comprehension, and creativity in children.


The Standard Pack of the game includes 36 beautifully designed cards, each nestled in a unique pixie-themed package.

For those looking to expand their collection and enhance their gameplay, we offer the Booster Pack, containing 8 cards ideal for trading with friends and broadening your PIXIE LEGENDS universe.

For the ultimate experience, consider our Premium Pack: this luxury edition features 36 cards, each treated with UV Coating and Linen Texture for superior feel and durability. The Premium Pack also boasts a selection of rarer and more epic cards, adding an extra level of excitement to your game! 

Purchasers of the Premium Fairy Trading Cards Pack will receive an exclusive bonus: a downloadable and printable Fairies Coloring Digital Book for Kids, delivered right to their email.


Who This Game Is For:

PIXIE LEGENDS is perfect for: 

Children and adults who love fairy tales and fantasy.

Families looking for a fun and engaging game for game nights.

Educators and parents seeking an educational tool that promotes strategic thinking and creativity.

Collectors of beautifully crafted trading card games.


Best Events for This Game:

Kids' Birthday Parties: A magical addition to any girl's birthday party, especially those with a fairy or fantasy theme.

Girls' Playdates: The perfect game for playdates, encouraging cooperative play and imaginative storytelling.

Princess Girl Holiday Gift: An ideal present for holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays, offering a screen-free, imaginative experience.

Kids Classroom Activities: A valuable tool for teachers to incorporate into classroom activities focusing on creativity and strategic thinking.

Family Game Nights: Brings families together for an evening of fun, strategy, and magical adventures.

This Fairy trading card game stands as the perfect counterpart to Pokémon cards for little girls. In a world where Pokémon cards have long captivated the hearts of little boys, PIXIE LEGENDS emerges as a magical alternative, tailored specifically for girls who yearn for their own collection of playing cards. This game is a dream come true for parents seeking to provide their little girls with a card game experience that’s uniquely their own. With PIXIE LEGENDS, every little girl can embark on her adventure, collecting and trading beautifully designed fairy cards, just as her brother might with his Pokémon cards.

It’s the ideal way to ensure both boys and girls have their special set of cards, fostering a sense of individuality and ownership over their unique collections.

Embrace the magic with PIXIE LEGENDS – where every card is a portal to a world of fairy enchantment


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