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Dive into the captivating depths of the Blue World with the PIXIE LEGENDS Premium Booster Pack. This exclusive collection is your gateway to a realm where oceanic magic reigns supreme. Each card in this booster pack is a window into the aquatic wonders of the PIXIE LEGENDS universe, featuring ethereal mermaids, ancient sea creatures, and the mystical powers of the deep. Enhance your PIXIE LEGENDS experience with this specially curated set, where the mysteries of the Blue World await your discovery.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive Blue World Cards: Each booster pack contains a selection of cards centered around the Blue World theme, including rare and powerful creatures of the sea.
  • Premium Quality: Experience the luxury of high-grade materials, with each card crafted for durability and a superior feel.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: Add new dimensions to your PIXIE LEGENDS game with unique characters and abilities from the Blue World, expanding your strategic options.
  • Stunning Artwork: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean with exquisitely detailed illustrations, bringing the lore of the Blue World to life.


  • Contents: Each Premium Booster Pack contains 10 exclusive Blue World cards.
  • Material: High-quality card stock with a glossy finish for lasting durability.
  • Card Size: Standard TCG size, compatible with PIXIE LEGENDS deck boxes and sleeves.
  • Age Range: Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Who This Game Is For:

  • Strategic Players: Ideal for those who love to strategize and build powerful decks.
  • PIXIE LEGENDS Collectors: A must-have for collectors looking to complete their set with unique Blue World cards.
  • Fans of Mythology and Fantasy: Perfect for enthusiasts who are captivated by mythical creatures and oceanic lore.
  • Families and Friends: Great for game nights, encouraging bonding and interactive play.

Perfect for Various Occasions:

  • Gift-Giving: An excellent gift for birthdays, holidays, or as a special reward.
  • Game Nights: Add a fresh twist to your PIXIE LEGENDS game nights with friends and family.
  • Educational Tool: Use it as an engaging way to teach strategic thinking and mythology.
  • Collectors' Meetups: A prized addition for trading and showcasing at collectors' gatherings and TCG events.

Embark on an aquatic adventure with the PIXIE LEGENDS Premium Booster - Blue World, and let the magic of the deep blue sea enhance your gaming experience!

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