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Step into a world of unparalleled enchantment with PIXIE LEGENDS Premium, the definitive edition of the beloved fairy trading card game. Designed for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this premium version elevates the PIXIE LEGENDS experience with luxury features. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realm of fairies, where strategic gameplay meets exquisite artistry, and each card is a treasure to behold.

** MADE IN U.S.A ** Created, printed and shipped from the U.S 

Main Features:

Exquisite Artwork: Each card in the Premium edition is a masterpiece, featuring stunning, detailed illustrations of the fairy realm.

Enhanced Durability and Feel: Cards are treated with UV Coating which protects the cards from dirt, scratches, and moisture, and Linen Texture, offering a premium tactile experience and increased longevity.

Rare and Epic Cards: Discover exclusive rare and epic cards that add a thrilling dimension to your gameplay and collection.

Advanced Gameplay: Ideal for seasoned players looking for a more sophisticated and challenging version of PIXIE LEGENDS.

Collector's Dream: A must-have for collectors seeking to own a truly unique and luxurious set of fairy trading cards.


Contents: The Premium Pack includes 36 unique cards, each boasting superior quality with UV Coating and Linen Texture.

Exclusive Cards: Features a selection of rare and epic cards not available in the standard version, enhancing collectibility and gameplay excitement.

Deluxe Packaging: The cards come in an elegantly designed, pixie-themed package, reflecting the premium nature of the edition.

Exclusive Bonus with Your Purchase:

Embark on even more enchanting adventures with an exclusive gift from us to you. When you purchase the PIXIE LEGENDS PREMIUM, you'll receive a delightful bonus – a downloadable and printable Fairies Coloring Digital Book for Kids, sent directly to your email. This beautifully illustrated coloring book is filled with magical fairies, providing hours of creative fun. It's the perfect companion to the trading card game, allowing children to immerse themselves further in the world of fairies and spark their artistic talents. Enjoy this special gift and watch your child's imagination soar as they color their favorite fairy tales.

Who This Game Is For:

PIXIE LEGENDS Premium is the perfect choice for: 

Experienced trading card game enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, challenging game.

Collectors of exclusive and beautifully crafted game sets.

Fans of PIXIE LEGENDS looking to upgrade their gameplay experience.

Gift-givers searching for a special and luxurious present for fairy tale and fantasy lovers.

Ideal for Special Occasions:

Collectors' Gatherings: A showpiece at any trading card collectors' meet-up, offering an exclusive gaming experience.

Holiday Gifting: The perfect luxurious gift for holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays, especially for those who appreciate the art and strategy of trading card games.

Special Events: A standout addition to events like themed parties or game nights, where the premium quality of the cards is sure to impress.

PIXIE LEGENDS presents itself as the enchanting fairy trading card game equivalent to the popular Pokémon and football/soccer cards beloved by many little boys. In a world where such cards have long charmed boys, PIXIE LEGENDS rises as a spellbinding option, crafted especially for girls seeking their very own trading card game. This game is a delightful realization for parents who wish to offer their daughters a distinct card-playing experience. Through PIXIE LEGENDS, each little girl is invited to embark on a whimsical journey, gathering and exchanging exquisitely crafted fairy cards, mirroring the joy her brother finds in his collection of Pokémon or football cards. It's a magical world where girls, too, can delve into the excitement of having and trading their beloved cards, just like the boys.

Experience the magic at its finest with PIXIE LEGENDS Premium – where every card unfolds a story, and every game is a journey into a fairy tale. Order your premium pack today and dive into the ultimate fairy trading card adventure!


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